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Resources, Endorsements & Recommended Products

Ordering Supplies:

Clayworks Supplies, Inc in Richmond, VA delivers clay, tools, supplies, & equipment directly to All Hands Pottery Studio regularly free of charge. Just email or call the studio with your order and ask that the order be included in the next delivery to All Hands Pottery Studio in Norfolk, VA.


In addition to teaching at All Hands Pottery Studio, Amy Lee provides Clayscapes glazes locally in Norfolk, VA; Fired-On Images™ laser decal paper bulk, by the sheet, and custom printed; and other tools. Ask about our All Hands Pottery Discount code! Email or call her (757.637.0263) for delivery locally or pickup from All Hands Pottery Studio.

Repairs and Improvements:

Need a small motor on a wheel or pug-mill repaired, re-built, or replaced? Email or Call Caddell Electric 757.625.4261. Located at 1250 Bolton St. Norfolk, VA 23504


Kiln Repairs? Need elements and thermocouples replaced, relays tested, controllers re-wired, or wheels repaired? Email or Call Fran Dumville 757.353.1441


You bought a kiln and need a power upgrade? Wiring is not working? Breakers are popping? Email or Call Gordon Forest - Owner and Master Electrician 757.450.0651 Gordon and his team will make sure you are toasting your pots efficiently and safely!

Recommended Products and Books:
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